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1Onyx's Poems Empty Onyx's Poems on Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:53 am


This first poem i wrote the other day for my baby brother because his birthday was a few days ago and i have no way of contacting him.

Lost but Searching

We know of each other

But yet you dont know me

And I dont know you

You are my baby brother

The youngest of my siblings

The one I have always dreamed of knowing

Yet we cant even talk

I dont know what they have told you

But this isnt my decision

I have been cut off

From you

It pains me deeply

Not to be able to be there for you

As you grow up

Like a big sister should

It has been years

Since we last saw each other

And that time has killed me inside

My only dream is

To be able to reconnect with you

And to introduce you

To our big sister

And big brother

No matter what anyone tells you

I have always loved you

You have always been in my heart

And you will always be a part of my family

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2Onyx's Poems Empty Re: Onyx's Poems on Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:54 am



You broke my heart

I broke yours

We both thought

That we would never

Hold each other again

I thought you were done

That you had no feelings left for me

So I tried to move on

It didnt work

Thoughts of you

Kept crawling back in

You thought I was done

That I had moved on

And forgotten all that we had

You couldnt bare the pain

We tried to hate

That who we loved

But we ended up

The closest of friends

I had moved on

To another relationship

And the pain came back

Into your heart

You couldnt stand it any longer

Seeing me with another

You stood up

And did what I had been waiting for

You told me

I was the only girl

On your mind

The only girl

In your heart

That you couldnt go another day

Without being able

To call me yours

Now we’re together

And happier than ever

3Onyx's Poems Empty Re: Onyx's Poems on Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:55 am


A Year

I always hated waiting

But this wait was well worth it

Waiting a year

For the one

Your heart yearns for

Is torture

To many

But to me

It was the best thing

To ever happen

It gave you time

To grow and mature

And to realize

Just what you felt

It gave me time

To realize

That no other

Could hold my heart

It gave us time

To grow closer

And to get to know

The little things

A year seems like so long

But if I could go back

I wouldnt change it

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