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March Art Contest

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1March Art Contest  Empty March Art Contest on Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:02 am


Hello everyone! I am going to try something new with the art contest. This one I will give you a link and you will use the site to create a puppy.

To do's and Rules:

Alright so here is the link Puppy Maker

What you do is create your puppy and then you use the Screen Print button on your computer. Go to paint and press paste. Save the image. Upload it and then post a link here.

Fill out this forms when you post the link:

Short Story: (A paragraph or two but no more)

Who it will be judged. I will judge it with a point system. The image is 50% of your score and the profile is the other half with most of the profile being judged from the short story. Based on points is the ones who will be a winner. GOODLUCK!


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March Art Contest  HoN__Proud_High_Priestess_by_Emberpelt
March Art Contest  Hphon

Click the egg and watch her grow
March Art Contest  Pe6o

2March Art Contest  Empty Re: March Art Contest on Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:02 am


Age: Trinity Loveworth
Breed: Mixed breed of a husky and a lab
Persona: Very loving and affectionate.
Short Story: Trinity was born from our pure bred Siberian Husky and Pure Bred Yellow Lab. She one day got into a mix of our paint as we were one day painting our house and this is how she turned out and the paint permently stuck to her fur. She is a very happy puppy and likes to play in outside. She loves being outside and making new friends.
March Art Contest  Puppy11

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