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The Beauxbatons Academy of Magic (French: Académie de Magie Beauxbâtons) is a magic school first introduced in Goblet of Fire. Beauxbatons has a history that goes back at least 700 years, when it first began participating in the Triwizard Tournament.

Beauxbatons students follow a very strict system of protocol concerning their behaviour towards their professors, which is noticeably different from that at Hogwarts (e.g., standing when their headmistress enters the room). The school follows a different examination system as well: at Hogwarts, the major board exams are taken in the fifth and seventh years, whilst Beauxbatons students sit for their exams in the sixth year. In these regards, Beauxbatons resembles customs at a typical French school.

The Academy is housed in a glittering palace. The food, at least according to alumna Fleur Delacour, is delicious. Students wear blue and grey silk uniforms. Rather than suits of armour, statues of ice that glitter like diamonds during the Christmas season flank the halls of Beauxbatons. While only female students of Beauxbatons are portrayed in the film, the books mention that the school is co-ed, as Hogwarts students Parvati and Padma Patil are asked to dance by two Beauxbatons boys at the Yule Ball.

The name Beaux bâtons literally means "beautiful sticks" in French, and could be translated as "fair wands" or possibly "beautiful wands."

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