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August 1st 2017 Short Story Contest Genre: Anything

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1August 1st 2017 Short Story Contest Genre: Anything Empty ¡Hola! Me presento on Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:36 pm


Hi there, I'm Silvonch. I am from Argentina so my first language is Spanish, so I'll have some mistakes while writing.

I've been in the rpsite for a while now but and I was send an “invite" to check this site out there. (BabyBlues, if you read this, its not illegal to promote another site there, so you could've made a public thread insted of secretly sending me a message).

I'm more of a sci fi fan than I am of fantasy but I love it either way.


No "Welcome new guy!!! Very Happy Laughing Very Happy"?  Crying or Very sad


Welcome! Hope you have fun and feel you can be creative!

love is the greatest magic of all......we must use it wisely.....

Internet family:
DoN= my crazy random twin sister
Kressie=my crazy cousin.
Kix= older sister i can count on to rp with when i is bored.
Emily= my older sister who is just about as crazy as me.
xxforeverxx=my lil sister.
Onyx=my twin
Fire= my elemental sister
Please let me know if you want to be added or if i forgot you!

August 1st 2017 Short Story Contest Genre: Anything Bluefledglingmarked

August 1st 2017 Short Story Contest Genre: Anything Fourthformerfancy


Yes, everyone gets a welcome new guy! Just haven't been able to be on the last couple of days! I am the admin and site owner and I hope that you feel welcome to this site! There are some people on this page, that make fake accounts and promote for me Smile I don't tell who is who because people have made accounts just to come onto the site and complain that a person from this site is inviting people to it, and BabyBlues got kicked and banned from the site for sending invite through private messages Smile But said user is used to that and that is why they use fake accounts. Easier for us Smile anyways I hope that you feel very welcome here, and that is okay if English isn't your first language! I hope you enjoy things and I am going to get this site to be active again! Just recruiting some more people, if you know friends who could join and help make that happen, be my guest! You can also promote your pages here too if you would like! I hope you have a great day and I hope to roleplay with you soon Smile feel free to join whichever RP's you would like and also to create some. You can create some SCI FI ones if you would like!


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Thanks, I'll be looking around


Very Happy (forgot the smiley)


You can create RPs too, in the correct place also, and people will join Smile Invite people too, we need to get this site back up and running Smile

Ageless in my Big Brother From A Different Mother I love you
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The entries have to be in by August 30th 2017.


1) Word Count:The story can be no less than 450 words and no longer than 3500. Please try to stick within the limit. Any piece outside of the suggested limit will not be entered into the voting.
2) Entries: Submissions may not have been previously posted on this site, nor may they be previously published elsewhere. Only one entry per contest please.
3) Voting: The poll to decide winners is for any site member to vote on.

Please feel free to use bold and italicized text in your documents.

Only one entry allowed in this contest.

When you post your story please remember to give your piece ad title adn give its word count in brackets at the top of your story. And please remember to include your username!

If there are any questions, please PM any of the Admins!

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Haunted                          Mrs.KreszentiaBlack                    (3122 words)

“Have fun at Hogwarts,” Dad whispered while giving me a big hug, “don’t kick up too much dust.”
“Okay!” I replied.
I was starting my fifth year and hoping that it wasn’t going to be the usual boring year with the same usual boring people. The disaster in my fourth year had scared the crap out of me but it was fun to say the lease.
I got onto the train at Platform 9 ¾ and I slid a compartment door open and there was Rose and a “pride” of other Gryffindor girls who were chatting aobut something that only girls would understand.
“Ummmm .. Hi, Rose” I said shyly.
“Go away, Malfoy. I’m busy.” Rose snapped at me.
I opened my mouth to complain, but Rose cut me off.
“Buzz off, I don’t care.” Rose snapped at me again.
I slammed the compartment door shut so hard that it banged against the frame and cracked a little. I then stalked off to find Albus.
“Hey Scorpius! Hey! I am over here!” Albus yelled at me.
I turned around and Albus was rushing at me, waving a newspaper over his head.
“Great news!” Albus said to me.
I had no idea why “good news” would get into the The Daily Prophet. It was usually publishing stories about murder and other horrible stuff.
“What is so great in The Daily Prophet?” I asked.
Albus shoved the paper into my face “LOOK!” Albus said and he sounded as though Brazil has won the 428th Quiddith World Cup.
“Delphi!” Albus gasped, trying to catch his breath, “Look!”
I shuddered at the sound of her name.
“Here! Read it!” Albus repeated while shoving it in my face once again.
I took the paper from him and looked at the article.
Delphini Riddle died in Azkaban on August 5th, 2021.

Just that first sentence made me think to myself: Justice.
Albus and I wandered around the Hogwarts Express, looking for a compartment to sit in for the rest of the ride. We finally settled on the compartment with James and his friends.
“Hey Al,” James said, looking at Albus, “ever heard of an Ouija Board?”
Albus shook his head, “No.”
“Well, they’re these boards that let you talk to the dead.” Justin answered, “You put your fingers on a little wooden Planchette, then you ask if anybody’s there. If it moves to ‘Yes’, you start bugging the ghost with questions. If it moves to ‘No’, still start bugging the ghost with questions. Just do it if it moves at all.”
“But if it spells something like ‘Bug Off’, burn the board and then burnt he ashes.”
“What does one of those boards look like?” I asked excitedly.
“Letters across the middle, numbers along the bottom, and ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ at the top corners.”
The only thought that was running through my head and why I even asked what one would look like was because this meant that I would get to talk to my mom again.
I looked at Albus, grinning.
“Oh no, don’t get ideas, last year was enough trouble for a lifetime!” Albus said, terror blazing in his eyes.
“We’ll just talk to my mom, it’s not like anything could go wro-“
“You can’t be sure who you’ll be talking to,” James interrupted, “it could be your mom, it could be Moldy old Voldy, or it could be a demon
Albus was white as the fluffy white clouds that were floating in the sky. I was a little nervous too, but I was going to do it. Nothing was going to get in the way of me getting the chance to talk to my mom again.
Albus leaned over the side of the carriage to pat one of the skeletal black Thestrals, I\d never hated them more; the fact that I could see them was a reminder of Delphi, and all the horrible things she’d done to not only me, but also to Craig Bowker, he did not deserve to die.
“OUCH!” Albus yanked his hand back, clutching it tightly, “These things bite?!?!”
I raised my eyebrows, “Isn’t that already obvious?”
“Diffindo.” I muttered, using my wand to trace the outline of a rectangle out of a piece of cardboard.
The encyclopedia-sized shapre dropped out of my hands, I was left holding the excess cardboard. I smiled to myself and picked up a quill. How are quills better than pens or pencils? Started to write letters across the middle of the cardboard. The farther I got into the alphabet, the more I had to recite it to myself. I wrote numbers below the letters. I wrote ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ in the top corners. I picked it up by the corners; I smiled, admiring my work.
“Hey Albus, I’m done with the board.” I said, showing the board to my best (and only) friend.
“Yea,” Albus answered, “I’ll play later, I have to finish this ‘stupid’ Binns Report.
Binns Report was slang for homework from Professor Binns, and no, ‘Slug Report’ is not a thing, even though we get more homework from Slughorn than any other teacher besides old Binns.

Albus finished his ‘Binns Report’ about half an hour later, by the time that he finished it I had already made the Planchette.
Albus say down across the board from me. I put my fingers on the Planchette, and Albus did the same thing.
“Is anyone here?” Albus asked while shaking, the Planchette slid over to ‘Yes’.
I looked up at Albus; he had gone paper-white. I felt as terrified as he looked. When I was talking about doing this on the Hogwarts Express, it didn’t sound so scary, but now, I was struggling not to just throw the board into the blazing fire.
“Mom, is that you?” I asked.
The Planchette started to move again. Remember how you used to smash teacups and then tape them back together?
I groaned, it was embarrassing enough that I ever did that! What made it worse was the fact that Albus was laughing his head off. I felt myself going red.
Albus grabbed a parchment off the table and wrote down what mom had said, “I\m going to show this to Lil, or Rosie, or James!”
“NO!” I lunged for the parchment, Albus slid easily out of the way, lauging and taunting me.
“Jay’s going to LLOOOOVVVVEEE this!”
I wasn’t going to let James get his hands on the parchment. I wasn’t going to let the news that I used to destroy teacups and then put them back together get around the school. I grabbed the parchment from Albus and crumbled it up, and flung it into the fireplace. Victory.
“Mom, are you still here?” I asked, putting my fingers back onto the Planchette, it moved to “no”.
If my mom wasn’t here anymore, then who was moving the Planchette? I stared at the board for a few minutes, oblivious to everything going on around me.
“Who are you?” I squeaked finally.
The Planchette moved across the letters, quickly spelling out I don’t think you want to know.

My fears was gone now, replaced by irritation and an urge to yell. “Prove It!” I snapped.
The ghost moved the Planchette over the letters. D-E-L-P-H-I. My blood went icy cold and goosebumps ran up my arms.
Albus looked at me, “Are you trying to scare me?”
“What! No! She scares me more than she scares you.” I replied.
I was shaking like a leaf in a nice cool breeze.
The fire suddenly went out, just like that, as though somebody had dumped a bucket of water on it. We were plunged into complete darkness.
“Maybe we should destroy this thing.” Albus squeaked, “James always says it’s a bad idea to leave a conduit for the spirit world op…”
This voice trailed away, I couldn’t hear the newly put out fire hissing, I didn’t know where the board was anymore. I couldn’t feel the crude cardboard Planchette against my fingers. The air was frigid and tight around me. It pressed against me taking my breath away. I started to get dizzy, and then everything I was feeling, everything I was thinking, it all faded away.
A random memory flashed before me, a swan-sized, green-and-black bird, cawing mournfully. I heard a little girl’s voice, probably around two or three years old, soft and hiss-like, it wasn’t my voice, but I knew I was the one speaking.
“I know how you feel,” I told the bird, “I never got ot know my mommy and daddy either.”
Another image flashed through my mind, I was lying on the ground, struggling for breath. Voldemort was kneeling next to me, stroking my hair.
“I’m proud of you, daughter,” His voice was softer and kinder than I would ever expect.
I closed my eyes, letting nothingness overtake me.
I was lying on a soft surface, my mind was blank. I felt as though I was lying on clouds, I wanted the feeling to last. I heard my dad’s cracked voice: “Will he be okay?”
Why’s he so worried? I thought.
“I am not sure,” Madam Pomfrey’s voice replied, “The young Potter boy told me he had collapsed with no warning, and he’s been unconscious for the better part of twelve hours.”
I felt dad stroking my hair. I knew why he was crying, since mom had died, Dad and I only had each other. I was let out of the hospital wing a few days later. The first thing I did was go to James to ask him about ghosts.
James and I decided to meet up in the library right before curfew started to talk aboutg what had happened the night I talked to Delphi.
“So,” James said, “tell me everything.”
“Well, I made-“ I started,
After your fight with Flobberworm. He told me about it.” James said, replying to the look of confusion and anger on my face, “Don’t worry; I’ve got better people to humiliate.”
“After I got rid of the parchment, I went back to the Ouija board and asked if my mom was there, but she wasn’t. I asked who it was; it turned out ot be Delphi-“
“Did you ask her anything else?”
“I told her to prove it, she put out the fire and then I blacked out.”
“Aha!” James tan skin went pink as everyone shushed him, “You told her to prove it, that’s like an invitation to haunt or possess you. I am guessing she took over your body because she is not done with you yet.”
“Not done with me yet?” I squeaked, shocked and terrified.
James nodded solemnly, “From what I’ve read in the newspaper, she wants your life.”
“She wants to kill me?” I squeaked. I let out a choked sob, I didn’t want to die. Not yet.
To my relief James shook his head, but that feeling disappeared as James started talking again.
“It takes a lot of work for a ghost to kill someone. She probably wants to live again, by using you, your life energy; it’s a lot easier for ghosts to do that sort of thing. All she has to do is stay in your body long enough to force your original soul out.”
“What’ll happen after that?” I asked, not really totally sure I wanted to know.
“Well, she’ll have total control over you, and if she gets bored to pretending to be you, she can leave any time she wants. She doesn’t even have to pretend to be you; she can just do whatever she wants.
“What’ll happen if she leaves?”
“You’ll just die.” James answered, getting up and waling ot hisSlytherin girlfriend, Hannah McKeller.
“James, wait!” I called, “How do I stop her?”
He didn’t answer. He just walked away like that! I was so angry I wanted to curse him! He obviously didn’t know enough, or didn’t care enough to help me. I felt sick, the world was spinning in front of me, my mind was full of thoughts, but at the same time I couldn’t think, no matter how hard I tried. What made it orse was James’ tone, he has sounded very calm and slightly bored, as though he’d told that to a lot of people. My eyes were swimming with tears. I jumped up and ran out of the library.
I hid behind a statue and started to cry. I didn’t want to believe Delphi, Voldemort’s psychotic daughter, was after me; I didn’t want to think about her. I stayed behind that statue overnight, Professor Slughorn found me the next morning before potions class, and made me come out. I explained everything to him, or at least what I could say without having a meltdown.
Professor Slughorn did the role call he always did, and then had us try to make a strengthening potion. “I will be putting you in pairs. Albus Potter and Harry Drake, Tann Fredrickson and Sadie McKeller, Flora Nadi and Polly Chapman, Lily Drake and Gretchen Smith, Hector and Johnny Geston, Rose Granger-Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy.”
I grinned at Rose, who scowled at me as though I was something disgusting on the bottom of her shoe. Albus looked terrified for me.
I was heading ot the Gryffindor able to talk to Rose. Maybe I could get her to like me. I thought, just as I stopped at the Gryffindor table, Rose was talking and giggling to her clump of “BFF”s, what the heck does “BFF” mean?
“Hey Rose.” I said nervously.
Rose said something to her friends and glared at me, “What do you want?” she snapped.
“You want to-“ I stammered in an unintelligible way for a few seconds, “umm … hang out later?”
Rose sneered at me in a way that was more Malfoy tha nit should be been and said, “Go awa, Riddle”
I spluttered in compliant.
“Shove off, I am not interested.” Rose snarled, I don’t want to be friends with Voldemort’s son.”
I froze in shock, and then stromed way, blinking back angry tears. I wanted to curse Rose and all her stupid, girly friends. My hand curled into a tight fist around my wand. I got an idea, it was harmless enough.
I whirled around and shouted at Rose: “My dad’s going to hear about this, I have an Ouija board!”
Rose went pale. Lilly stopped trying ot flatten her untidy red hair and burst into tears. I was still angry, but I felt better after scaring Rose and her friends that way. I heard James yell at me as I walked away.
That night in the common room, I told Albus about my conversation with James, when I finished, I was in tears. Thoughts about James and what he had said bounced around in my head; it was too much for me to take.
Albus looked terrified, finally he said: “I am going to talk to James,” and then he left the common room.
I didn’t try to stop him; I was still too terrified to say anything.
I squeezed the pillow I was hugging, trying to give myself at least a little bit of comfort. The Ouija board was on the floor, nex tot my bag. I felt sick all over again.
“Incendio”. Albus muttered, tapping the wick of a candle with his wand. It lit up almost immediately.
The reflection of the cnadle’s flickering Albus’ pale-white face. We were in the boys’ bathroom on the first floor. I picked up the flickering candle; I could sense Delphi’s spirit around me. The candle flame was lapping the air; it was flickering so fast that I was afraid it would go out.
I turned around slowly, once I had made a full circle and muttered: “Delphi Riddle.| I did that another twelve times before Delphi showed up in the mirror.
There were stray wisps of blue-and-black hair around her face. Her big bornw eyes had gone milky white, staring into my soul, rooting me to the spot.
I started to shake, “What do you want from me?” I squeaked.
I lllost everything because of you. Delphi answered.
I didn’t hear her voice, I felt it instead. It wasn’t just weird, it was frightening. The tingling feeling reverberate around in my head, ringing in my ears, and making me shudder violently.
“Why won’t you leave me alone?” I asked, my voice cracking mid-sentence, “Your dad’s probably moved on by now.”
The mirror shattered and the room went pitch black. I started to panic. What’s going on? I thought, I whirled around a few times, I crumpled to the ground as something slashed m face. A sharp, burning pain shot through me, I screamed in agony. The blackness faded away and I opened my eyes and managed to get up. Delphi was gone.
“Where did she go?” I asked.
“Hopefully with the devil. She’s probably one herself.” Albus snarled, “Serves her right. I don’t think she’ll ever get to Heaven, no matter how hard she tries. She’s an out-of-control killing machine!”
As we left, I caught a flash of brown in one of the mirrors.
I looked out one of the common windows as a merperson sawm by. I waved at it, but it didn’t seem to notice. I noticed the Oujia board sitting on the floor. I grabbed it and flung it intot he fireplace. Good riddance. I sat there watching it burn. I stayed there even after it was nothing more than ashes.
Delphi’s POV: three weeks later.
I watched the sixth-year Slytherins and Ravenclaws practicing the Aguamenti charm. One Slytherin with a ridiculous pair of round glasses was firing jets of water out of her wand. I had my eyes on her. She seemed like the sort of person who was easily manipulated, or at least for a ghost like me. I got up and walked over to her. She didn’t notice. Good. I plunged myself into her, the next thing I knew, I was holding a wand, firing jets of water out of it.
Hey Hannah!!”  a girl with wavy red hair was walking over to me, “I was just eavesdropping on Erin and Laura. They’ve gotten their hands on some REALLY juicy gossip!”
So my name’s Hannah now?” I thought.
Class was over in aobut half an hour, so I headed down to the Great Hall for lunch, I sat down next to the Slytherin girl from Charms class. I found out that her name was Roxanne Weasley, and that she was supposed to be my “BFF”. She was also Albus Potter’s cousin. That was good news, I could use her to get even with Albus and Scorpius…

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