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Nyx Sent Goodness

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1Nyx Sent Goodness Empty Nyx Sent Goodness on Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:20 am

Daughter of Nyx

Heey everyone, for those of youu who don't know me I'm Daughter of Nyx or as some know me; Mellii. Kressie or Mrs.KreszentiaBlack has given me permission to advertise my site here to try and get some people to join. So let me first start by giving youu the link to where I introduced myself. Click Here if youu would like to see where I intorduced myself here. I've been roleplaying for 2+ years now, and have loved every minute of it.

Nyx Sent Goodness or NsG can be located by clicking that link, it is the home for roleplayers of every topic. As of right now it has House of Night, Vampire Diaries, and Twilight, but I'm open to adding new sections. Kressie has beat me to adding Harry Potter, but if youu would like me to add it to my site I will. Now my goal is not to take youu away from Hidden Behind the Pages, but to help expand your roleplaying expierence by joining my site.

I hope youu enjoy NsG as much as everyone else has in the past, now it is time to bring it back to life and this is an attempt on my part. A lot of people who are here have already seen NsG but please take the time to see its new layout and suggest new things for my staff and myself Smile

Nyx Sent Goodness Gryffi11
Nyx Sent Goodness BluefledglingmarkedNyx Sent Goodness Fancythird
Mrs. Kreszentia Black = My Sister
Fuarie = My daughter from another mother

Please Check Outt My Site!!

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